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 Royal Heirarchy

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Amon Flowinggale

Amon Flowinggale

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PostSubject: Royal Heirarchy   Royal Heirarchy I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 24, 2016 10:58 am

Elven Nobility in the Summer Isles (Amon's home region):

While all other ranks are the same, the highest elves prefer the titles "Lord and Lady" instead of "King and Queen" because they don't like being compared to 'mere humans'.

Lord - Breshlin Summerisle
Lady - Elbereth Summerisle
Princess - Alatari Summerisle
Princess - Inwe Summerisle (Deceased)
Prince - Amaures Summerisle
Princess - Nessa Summerisle

Backstory: The Summerisle's are a long-standing line of High Elves, ruling for more than 5,000 years. They engage in trade and diplomacy like any royal family, but they have an air of arrogance about them and always put the needs of elves first over any other race. Their second daughter Inwe was only 13 when she was killed in an invasion by giant spiders during what was supposed to be a simple hunt.

Duke - Salinde Foxlord
Duchess - Nienna Foxlord
Son - Alton Foxlord

Backstory: Despite controlling a large amount of land and resources, the Foxlord's are fairly reclusive. They appear in public only when absolutely necessary, usually preferring to send envoy's in their place. No one is quite sure of the reason for their introversion, but as they are able to keep their territory operating smoothly, not many question it.

Earl - Bellas Planewalker

Backstory: Bellas Planewalker is the last original member of his family line. His family was cursed long ago with infertility and has slowly been dying out ever since. Although several other noble families have offered marriage or even allowing him to adopt, he has instead decided that the time of his families rule is reaching it's end, and has decided to oversee the last of his families days with dignity.

Vicount - Elidyr Sunbather
Vicountess - Elebreth Sunbather
Son - Faelor Sunbather
Daughter - Faelyn Sunbather

Backstory: The Sunbathers are the longest living family line after the Summerisle's, having been in power for almost 4,000 years. The Sunbather's have unfortunately let power go to their head, however, and will not even speak to anyone they see as beneath them unless absolutely necessary.

Baron - Erlan Flowinggale
Baroness - Valindra Flowinggale
Son - Corym Flowinggale (Deceased)
Son - Larsan Flowinggale (Deceased)
Son - Amon Flowinggale

Backstory: The Flowinggale's are a minor house in the elven lands. They were very out-going and generous until the deaths of the two oldest sons during skirmishes with goblin forces. After their deaths, the Flowinggale's moved to a house surrounded by plains away from other people where they became fairly reclusive and extremely protective of their last living son, Amon.
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Amon Flowinggale

Amon Flowinggale

Posts : 55
Join date : 2016-12-22
Age : 34

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PostSubject: Re: Royal Heirarchy   Royal Heirarchy I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 24, 2016 10:59 am

Human Nobility:

Human Controlled Territory:
King - Richard Avatej
Queen - Julienne Avatej
Prince - Cole Avatej
Prince - Simon Avatej
Princess - Alexis Avatej

Backstory: The Avatej family has controlled this region for almost five centuries. They have had good rulers and bad ones, but the current royal family is merely functional. An arranged marriage is being considered between the Princess Alexis and the only son of the next royal family in line, Paul Atredies.

Duke - Leto Atredies
Duchess - Jessica Atredies
Son - Paul Atredies

Backstory: While never having had the crown, the Atredies are the longest-standing noble family in the land, with lineage dating back almost 3,000 years. The Atredies have stayed in power for so long by considering their peoples well-being first and their own prosperity second. The people that live under the Atredies' admire them with almost fanatic loyalty. Their power base has grown so large that the King is proposing an arranged marriage between the Duke's only son and the the King's only daughter.

Earl - Rand Crobrew
Son - Jason Crobrew

Backstory: Earl Crobrew is the first in his line to never take a wife, although he has a legitmate heir in his only son Jason Crobrew. The Earl's power is neither substantial, nor insignificant, but he is attempting to expand his power via an arranged marriage with the young Vicountess Hathpen. The Crobrew's have also been bitter enemies with the Rahl's after a botched assassination attempt by the Crobrew's to kill the head of the Rahl's over a century ago.

Vicountess - Elizabeth Hathpen

Backstory: Elizabeth Hathpen ascended to power at the age of 16, and is the first woman in her family to have sole authority in her family. Although Earl Crobrew has been attempting to arrange a marriage between her and his son, so has thus far refused the offer, instead preferring to rule independently.

Baron - Robert Rahl
Baroness - Katlin Rahl
Daughter - Tanis Rahl
Daughter - Theresa Rahl
Daughter - Catherin Rahl

Backstory: The Rahl's are a relatively new family, having only been in power for the past 300 years. They rose to power after a wealthy ancestor hired an army of mercenaries out of his own pocket to flank a superior enemy that was attacking the capitol in an attempt to overthrow the King. The King rewarded the Rahl's with a minor Barony and territory to control. The Rahl's rarely offer violence to anyone, with the exception of the Crobrew's, with whom they have sworn vendetta.
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Royal Heirarchy
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